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General Science & Ability

Energy Resources MCQs (Set-II) | General Science and Ability

Energy Resources MCQs (Set-I) | General Science and Ability
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

One major reason for the lack of development in oceanic energy sources is ________.
(a) The potential substantial negative impact on marine and estuarine ecosystems
(b) The lack of funding
(c) That oceanic processes are not completely understood
(d) The lack of technological advancement
(e) The lack of political support
Answer: (a)

The largest problem with adopting the new technology of renewable resources is ________.
(a) in evaluating the scientific and economic impacts
(b) that the startup costs are high
(c) that long term maintenance costs are higher than those for fossil fuels
(d) that technological advances have not been made in the last 30 years to meet our energy needs
(e) that energy production facilities are not located near consumers
Answer: (b)

Although solar-PV-generated electricity as a power source is cleaner than burning fossil fuels, the problem with this electricity is that it ________.
(a) is dangerous if stored too long
(b) cannot be stored easily in large quantities for use when and where it is needed
(c) is not sufficiently understood
(d) will be replaced shortly with other sources of power for homes
(e) is less efficient than fossil fuels
Answer: (b)

One difficulty with the process of using hydrogen as a power source is that it ________.
(a) is not properly understood
(b) is less efficient than fossil fuels
(c) requires a fuel that is a nonrenewable resource
(d) requires an energy investment to begin the process
(e) has highly volatile and dangerous components
Answer: (d)

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One advantage of using hydrogen fuel cells is ________.
(a) the potential for production of greenhouse gases
(b) the ease of transporting and storage
(c) the energy efficiency
(d) that they are nonpolluting
(e) the low impact on atmospheric ozone
Answer: (d)

The chemical product of using hydrogen as an energy source is ________.
(a) Ingestion
(b) Combustion
(c) Water molecules
(d) Incineration
(e) Electrolysis
Answer: (c)

A major advantage that hydrogen generated electricity has over other new renewable energy sources is that it ________.
(a) is less expensive
(b) creates greenhouse gases but no acid deposition
(c) can be produced where and when electricity is needed
(d) converts the kinetic energy of earth processes to electrical energy
(e) already has an infrastructure in place for using hydrogen as fuel
Answer: (c)

Out of the following which one is not a unconventional source of energy ?
(a) Tidal power
(b) Geothermal energy
(c) Nuclear energy
(d) Wind power.
Answer: (c)

Pulverized coal is
(a) coal free from ash
(b) non-smoking coal
(c) coal which bums For long time
(d) coal broken into fine particles.
Answer: (d)

Heating value of coal is approximately
(a) 1000-2000 kcal / kg
(b) 2000-4000 kcal / kg
(c) 5000-6500 kcal / kg
(d) 9000-10,500 kcal / kg.
Answer: (c)

Baume scale measures
(a) purity of water
(b) radioactivity
(c) specific gravity of liquids
(d) specific gravity of gases.
Answer: (c)

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Argillaceous rocks have
(a) high clay content
(b) high moisture content
(c) low moisture content
(d) low mineral content.
Answer: (a)

One barrel is nearly
(a) 0.96 cubic meter
(b) 0.44 cubic meter
(c) 0.16 cubic meter
(d) 0.013 cubic meter.
Answer: (c)

Which power plant normally operates at high speeds ?
(a) Diesel engine plant
(b) Petrol engine plant
(c) Steam turbine plant
(d) Hydro-electric power plant.
Answer: (c)

A pitot tube is used to measure
(a) energy of liquid
(b) pressure of liquid
(c) energy and pressure of liquid
(d) energy, pressure and discharge of liquid.
Answer: (b)

A rotameter is used to measure
(a) velocity of fluids
(b) viscosity of fluids
(c) density of fluids
(d) discharge of fluids.
Answer: (d)

Vacuum can be measured by
(a) venturimeter
(b) pitot tube
(c) U tube manometer
(d) rotameter.
Answer: (c)

In which part of the steam power plant the pressure of steam is less than the atmospheric pressure ?
(a) Condenser
(b) Boiler
(c) Turbine
(d) Super beater.
Answer: (a)

Isotopes of uranium
(a) U235
(b) U234
(c) U238
(d) all of the above.
Answer: (d)

Baryon is one of the class of heavy elementary particles that includes
(a) hyperons
(b) neutrons
(c) protons
(d) all of the above.
Answer: (d)

Betz law finds application in
(a) MHD systems
(b) Solar cells
(c) Geothermal power plants
(d) Wind mills.
Answer: (d)

Beneficiation process is mainly used for
(a) coals
(b) oils
(c) nuclides
(d) minerals.
Answer: (a)

Natural gas is obtained
(a) as by product from blast furnace
(b) as by product from petroleum refining
(c) from earth’s surface usually along with crude
(d) from ammonia.
Answer: (c)

Water gas is a mixture of
(a) CO2 and O2
(b) O2and H2
(c) H2, N2 and O2
(d) CO, N2 and H2.
Answer: (d)

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Coal used in power plant is also known as
(a) steam coal
(b) charcoal
(c) coke
(d) soft coal.
Answer: (a)

Which of the following is considered as superior quality of coal ?
(a) Bituminous coal
(b) Peat
(c) Lignite
(d) Coke
Answer: (a)

The efficiency of a thermal power plant improves with
(a) increased quantity of coal burnt
(b) larger quantity of water used
(c) lower load in the plant
(d) use of high steam pressures.
Answer: (d)

Naphtha is a volatile colorless product obtained from
(a) methyl alcohol
(b) vinyl acetate
(c) sugarcane
(d) petroleum.
Answer: (d)

Marsh gas
(a) a mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons produced from coal or oil
(b) a byproduct of blast furnace
(c) low calorific value gas containing carbon monoxide and steam
(d) same as methane.
Answer: (d)

Humacite is the name associated with
(a) lignites
(b) radioactive minerals
(c) bitumens
(d) refrigerants.
Answer: (c)

Fixed carbon in case of bituminous coals is less than
(a) 70%
(b) 50%
(c) 35%
(d) 15%.
Answer: (a)

Heliochemical process is the process by which
(a) solar energy is utilized through photosynthesis
(b) neutron energy is converted into thermal energy
(c) geothermal energy is converted Into electrical energy
(d) wind energy is converted into electrical energy.
Answer: (a)

Deuterium oxide is used in nuclear reactors as
(a) fuel
(b) moderator
(c) shield
(d) regulator.
Answer: (b)

Choose the incorrect statement regarding wind power:
(a) It is expected to harness wind power to minimum in open space.
(b) The potential energy content of wind blowing at high altitudes is the source of wind power.
(c) Wind hitting at the blades of a windmill causes them to rotate. The rotation thus achieved can be utilized further
(d) One possible method of utilizing the energy of rotational motion of the blades of a windmill is to run the turbine of an electric generator.
Answer: (b)

Acid rain happens because:
(a) sun leads to heating of upper layer of atmosphere.
(b) burning of fossil fuels release oxides of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur in the atmosphere.
(c) electrical charges are produced due to friction amongst clouds.
(d) earth atmosphere contains acids.
Answer: (b)

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In a hydro power plant
(a)potential energy possessed by stored water is converted into electricity.
(b) kinetic energy possessed by stored water is converted into potential energy.
(c) electricity is extracted from water.
(d) water is converted into steam to produce electricity.
Answer:. (a)

Which one of the following forms of energy leads to least environmental pollution in the process of its harnessing and utilization?
(a) nuclear energy
(b) thermal energy
(c) solar energy
(d) geothermal energy
Answer: (c)

Which of the following is a non-renewable source of energy?
(a) wood
(b) sun
(c) fossil fuels
(d) wind

Ocean thermal energy is due to
(a) energy stored by waves in the ocean
(b) temperature difference at different levels in the ocean
(c) pressure difference at different levels in the ocean.
(d) tides arising out in the ocean
Answer: (b)

The major problem in harnessing nuclear energy is how to:
(a) split nuclei.
(b) sustain the reaction.
(c)dispose off spent fuel safely.
(d) convert nuclear energy into electrical energy.
Answer: (c)

Which is the ultimate source of energy?
(a) water
(b) sun
(c ) uranium
(d) fossil fuels
Answer: (b)

The main constituent of biogas is
(a) methane
(b) carbon dioxide
(c) hydrogen
(d) hydrogen sulphide.
Answer. (a)

The power generated in a windmill:
(a) is more in rainy season since damp air would mean more air mass hitting the blades.
(b) depends on the height of the tower.
(c) depends on wind velocity.
(d) can be increased by planting tall trees close to the tower.
Answer: (c)

Choose the correct statement:
(a)Sun can be taken as an inexhaustible source of energy.
(b) There is infinite storage of fossil fuel inside the earth.
(c) Hydro and wind energy plants are non polluting sources of energy.
(d) Waste from a nuclear power plant can be easily disposed off.
Answer: (a)

Which part of the solar cooker is responsible for green house effect?
(a) coating with black color inside the box
(b) mirror
(c) glass sheet.
(d) outer cover of the solar cooker

In a hydroelectric power plant more electrical power can be generated if water falls from a greater height because:
(a) its temperature increases.
(b) larger amount of potential energy is converted into kinetic energy.
(c) the electricity content water increases with height.
(d) more water molecules dissociate into ions.
Answer: (b).

Choose the incorrect statement:
(a) We are encouraged to plant more trees so as to ensure clean environment and also provide bio-mass fuel.
(b) Gober-gas is produced when crops, vegetable wastes etc. decompose in the absence of oxygen.
(c) The main ingredient of bio-gas is ethane and it gives a lot of smoke and also produces a lot of residual ash.
(d) Bio-mass is a renewable source of energy.

Fuel used in thermal power plants is
(a) water
(b) uranium
(c) biomass
(d) fossil fuels
Answer: (d)

Which of the following is a non-renewable resource?
(a) Coal
(b) Forests
(c) Water
(d) Wildlife
Answers: (a)

Which among the following is not a renewable source of energy?
(a) Solar energy
(b) Biomass energy
(c) Hydro-power
(d) Geothermal energy
Answers: (b)

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