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Essay Outline: War divides, Economy Unites

Essay Outline: War divides, Economy Unites

1. Introduction

i) ‘War’ (-the observe of peace-) can be the symbol of violence, conflict and loss of lives.
ii) Economy can be the epitome of prosperity, growth and interdependence.
iii) How history and current world scenario manifests the idea.
iv) Certain parts of world are in turbulence because of human rights violation, uprising of terrorist organizations (ISIS), arms race, refuges crisis while they have one factor responsible viz ‘War’ in any of its shades. (i.e. sectarian strife, foreign invasion or political conflict)

2. How war divides nations internally and externally

a) Aggressive behavior creates differences among internal structure of a nation which results in division of nation.
i) In 1971, East Pakistan, now recognized as Bangladesh was separated from Pakistan, due to political and cultural conflicts.
ii) Disturbed borders in esp the form of disputed Kashmir issue still remains a nuclear flash point between Pakistan and India.(deteriorating with the recent wave of border conflicts in 2016)
ii) CPEC, on the contrary, is the manifestation of, how economy has united China and Pakistan.

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3. Wars and conflict directs nations to take inefficient decisions like termination of Treaties, constitutions, separation and creating violence that leads towards disunite of nation.

a) Czechoslovakia was separated from Austria-Hungry after World-War 1 in 1917, and was again dissolved in 1993 when Czech disjointed of Slavakia and became Czech Republic due to arising religious and norms conflicts.

4. Internal conflicts can lead towards war and division, if not overpowered within time.

i) Civil war in Korea led them towards conflicts and contravene, and in 1950 Korea was separated into North and South Korea.

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5. Minor tensions among states turn towards the division of state.

i) Water dispute among Northern Ireland and U.K Government led them towards division of state, which is now called Republic of Ireland

6. Economy unites nations and leads them towards prosperity

a) Nations who used to prefer national interests over personal rivalry and take effective initiatives, are achieving peace and prosperity.
i) Germany and France were major rivals but their pragmatic decision making to promote trade and economy over rivalry has led them to be among the most successful nations.

b) Economic uplift helps overcome the barriers between countries
i) China & India were engaged in war in 1962 over Sino-India border area dispute, but due to their efficient decisions they are looking towards 1 Bn US$ of bilateral trade.
c) War drives nations towards backward but economy pushes them towards success and helps them in achieving their goals.
d) Japan and China were consisting unpleasant relations and fought two wars against each other, but due to their positive initiatives, their bilateral trade has reached to 334 billion US$.

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7. War and economy are two different dimensions, as war brings wastage of human lives, artillery and rivalry whereas economy unites nations and promotes friendship, as great nations win without fighting.

8. Conclusion

9. Recommendations to achieve success and prosperity through economic uplift.

i) Arising conflicts and problems must be sought and resolved through efficient planning in an effective manner, as it can lead towards destruction and division of state.
ii) States must promote trade and economic relation to get of rivalry as it can bring positive impact over relationship and prosperity of state.
a) Pak-India have been in state of war since 1947, and are unable to overcome their conflicts and border disputes are increasing instead with the recent border skirmishes of higher magnitude in 2016.
iii) Resources must be utilized through balanced approach so that states can get rid of political
opposition, sectarianism, minority rights and favoritism conflict.

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