Gender Studies MCQs MCQs

Gender Studies MCQs | Status of Women in Pakistan

Gender Studies MCQs | Status of Women in Pakistan
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Gender Studies MCQs | Status of Women in Pakistan

The All India Muslim Ladies Conference was founded in the year
(a) 1914
(b) 1927
(c) 1931
(d) 1947
Answer: (a)

The idea for the Pakistan Association for Women’s Studies was first conceived in
(a) 1981
(b) 1991
(c) 1951
(d) 1947
Answer: (b)

The first country to adopt a National Family Planning Programme?
(a) Pakistan
(b) China
(c) India
(d) Brazil
Answer: (c)

MMR is an indicator of the quality of life. What does it stand for?
(a) Maternal Mortality Rate
(b) Male Mortality Rate
(c) Morbidity Measurement Rate
(d) Mothers Malnutrition Rate
Answer: (a)

Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) was ratified by Pakistan in (CSS-2016)
(a) 1983
(b) 1979
(c) 1996
(d) 1995
Answer: (c)

The All Pakistan Women’s Association was founded in the year: (CSS-2016)
(a) 1920
(b) 1927
(c) 1931
(d) 1949
Answer: (d)

Name the health programme that aims at improving the health status of women and Children.
(a) MNCH
(b) LHW
(d) MMNP
Answer: (b)

The female sex hormone is called?
(a) Mesogen
(b) Progesterone
(c) Estrogen
(d) Androgen
Answer: (c)

The deficiency of Estrogen in women’s body leads to:
(a) Diabetes
(b) Obesity
(c) Menopause
(d) Menarche
Answer: (b)

Prevention of Sexual Harassment for working women is the result of
(a) Hudood Ordinance 1979
(b) Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Ordinance, 2006
(c) The Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2010
(d) Protection of Women Act 2006
Answer: (b)

Pakistan signed The Forward Looking Strategies for the Advancement of women (FLSAW) in Nairobi in
(a) 1998
(b) 1985
(c) 2001
(d) 2014
Answer: (b)

The first-ever First Lady of Pakistan was awarded the United Nations Human Rights Award
(a) Begum Nusrat Bhutto
(b) Begum Nahid Iskander
(c) Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan
(d) None of these
Answer: (c)

Pakistan participated in 1995 in the fourth World Conference on women in Beijing as called
(a) Asian platform for action.
(b) Beijing platform for action.
(c) Women platform for action.
(d) China platform for action.
Answer: (b)

Pakistan signed Convention on The Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) 1996 in 1995 and ratified it on
(a) March 19, 1996
(b) March 16, 1996
(c) March 11, 1996
(d) March 13, 1996
Answer: (c)

Pakistan women activists were demanding to ratify the CEDAW since
(a) 1986
(b) 1980
(c) 1983
(d) 1984
Answer: (a)

United Nations Commission on the Status of Women was established in
(a) 1945
(b) 1946
(c) 1950
(d) 1952
Answer: (b)

The Protection of Women Act 2006 declared all the sexual acts of men against women under the age of sixteen and marital rape as an offense and these acts would be punishable under the insertion of new sections
(a) 494A, 496A, 496a and 496C
(b) 494A, 495A, 496B and 496C
(c) 493A, 496A, 496B and 496C
(d) 495A, 496A, 496B and 496C
Answer: (c)

Which law was a milestone for the protection of women rights and protection of women in Pakistan?
(a) The Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2010
(b) Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Ordinance, 2006
(c) Protection of Women Act 2006
(d) Hudood Ordinance 1979
Answer: (a)

An alliance of six organizations against sexual harassment at the work place was established in Pakistan in
(a) 2000
(b) 2001
(c) 2002
(d) 2003
Answer: (b)

First Pakistan CEDAW report to the UNCEDAW committee in New York was submitted in the year
(a) 1979
(b) 2000
(c) 2007
(d) 2011
Answer: (c)

When was the bill Protection against Harassment of women passed in Pakistan?
(CSS- 2016)
(a) January 21, 2009
(b) January 21, 2010
(c) January 21, 2011
(d) January 21, 2012
Answer: (b)

The Senate passed the Prevention of Anti-Women Practices (Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2011.) bill on
(a) March 23, 2011
(b) November 23, 2011
(c) December 23, 2011
(d) October 23, 2011
Answer: (c)

The Women In Distress And Detention Fund (Amendment Act) 2011 was passed by the upper House of the parliament on
(a) 13th December 2011
(b) 12th December 2011
(c) 11th December 2011
(d) 10th December 2011
Answer: (a)

Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Act 2011 In Pakistan was signed by President Asif Ali Zardari on
(a) 22nd December 2011
(b) 22nd November 2011
(c) 22nd September 2011
(d) 22nd October 2011
Answer: (a)

Senate unanimously passed the Domestic Violence Prevention and Protection Act 2012 on
(a) 20th February 2012
(b) 10th December 2012
(c) 17th February 2012
(d) 18th November 2012
Answer: (a)

National Commission on the Status of Women Act was passed by the Pakistan senate on
(a) 2nd January 2012
(b) 2nd February 2012
(c) 2nd March 2012
(d) 2nd April 2012
Answer: (b)

National Commission for Human Rights Act was enacted on 4th May 2012 by the parliament of Pakistan and was passed by the President Asif Ali Zardari on
(a) 30th March 2012
(b) 30th April 2012
(c) 30th May 2012
(d) 30th June 2012
Answer: (c)

Domestic violence is?
(a) Cultural Behaviour
(b) Learned behaviour
(c) Social Behaviour
(d) Patriarchal Behaviour
Answer: (b)

No nation can rise to the height of glory unless their women are side by side with them…It is crime against humanity that our women are shut up with in the four walls of the houses as prisoners. There is no sanction anywhere for the deplorable condition in which our women have to live.”… Who made this statement?
(a) Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(b) Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
(c) Fatima Jinnah
(d) Benazir Bhutto
Answer (a)

The annual Gender Gap Index 2016 by Geneva-based World Economic Forum shows Pakistan ranked 141st out of
(a) 143
(b) 152
(c) 160
(d) 193
Answer (a)

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