Jihad and Terrorism Most Expected in CSS Islamiat Paper

Jihad and Terrorism in CSS Islamiat Paper

Jihad and Terrorism
Most Expected Topic in CSS Islamiat Paper

I. Jihad as a fundamental pillar of Islam

A. Root word jihada mean to struggle, to strive for anything good for human beings
B. It is not holy war as propagated by the west

II. Types of Jihad

A. Individual level jihad -Means believing in the unity of Allah in its entirety-inner struggle
B. Collective jihad-Jihad as a general concept
1. Intellectual jihad-Inviting people to good deeds and discouraging from bad acts
2. Economic jihad-Investing oneself in person and in terms of resources in the way of Allah for greater goodness
3. Physical jihad-Fight in the cause of Allah on behalf of the oppressed

III. What are the principles of Jihad?

A. Aggression is forbidden vis-a-vis civilians
B. Justice and fair play is ensured at all costs
C. Religious and other fundamental freedoms are protected
D. Peace and diplomacy are honored even in amidst war

IV. Terrorism

A. Use of force for political purposes
B. Two types
1. International terrorism –by other nationals
2. Domestic terrorism-by own citizens

V. Differences between Jihad and Terrorism

A. Jihad is initiated by authoritative, consultative body like parliament and courts while terrorism is either orchestrated by individuals, groups or even states as proxy war
B. Jihad is directed against the combatants only ,but use of terrorism is indiscriminate and widespread
C. Jihad is openly declared but terrorism is geostrategic and secretive in nature
D. Jihad is governed by ironclad principles of engagements

VI. Major grounds for Jihad

A. When an enemy attacks Muslim country
B. Persecution of Muslims
C. Interfering in worship
D. Violation of treaties and words
E. Engineering disturbance and law and order situation

VII. Options for Muslims

A. Promotion of intellectual jihad
B. Using world forums
C. Interfaith harmony
D. Fatwas against terrorism
E. Ensuring minority rights

VIII. Conclusion

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