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My Road to CSS: Fatima Tariq (49th CTP)

My Road to CSS: Fatima Tariq (49th CTP)
Written by Fatima Tariq

My Road to CSS: Fatima Tariq (49th CTP)

“Nothing is impossible. Even the word itself says, I’M Possible.” (Audrey Hepburn )

I had experienced and observed this mindset in our Pakistani society that every parents wanted its children to be engineers or doctors. And for intelligent girls, being a doctor was the only choice. But I wanted to change this mindset through my own example. I wanted to make people expand their vision and explore the world full of new opportunities, talents and different fields. First, I quit my medical studies and joined the field of Botany to contribute in the field of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. After that, I also worked as a Data Analyst in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

I, officially and regularly started my CSS Journey in July, 2019 after completion of my Bachelors when I was just 20 years of age. It is a time full of immaturity in life but I wanted something different in my life. I used to talk mature in my friend’s circle even at this very immature age like:

“Mehnat karkay kisi achay makaam p pohancho taa k kal apni aulaad ko aik roshan mustaqbil day sako.”

My decision to join Civil Services was not easy especially because I belonged to a traditional Pakistani Family. I belonged to a family where girls get married at the early ages of 20, 21 and they are not allowed to do office/field jobs. But I was the first girl who took stand and convinced my family to allow me to join Civil Services and serve my country diligently.

I cleared my CSS 2020 Examination in my first attempt and got allocated to Office Management Group at the age of 22. I stood 14th all over Pakistan in the Written Examination of CSS 2020, topped Criminology and Environmental Sciences Paper and also became the Youngest Female CSS Officer of Pakistan (Alhamdulillah) This could not have been possible without the guidance of my teachers and the support and prayers of my parents, family, and friends.

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At one point during my CSS Journey, I also suffered from severe depression and felt like giving up. The journey of CSS was a bumpy ride but my passion to serve my nation was much higher than my challenges. Now, I look forward to contribute as much as I can in the policy making of my country so that one day we will make Pakistan one of the best Asian tigers and the best Muslim country in the world. IN SHA ALLAH.

Lastly, I would like to share three golden principles to success in life.

1- OBEDIENCY (of parents, and teachers) with humbleness.
2- HARDWORK with consistency
3- Strong BELIEVE in Allah, our efforts and prayers.

I firmly believe that we should,
“Aspire to inspire before we expire.”

FATIMA TARIQ (Youngest Female CSS Officer)
CSS 2020 (Rank 100)
OMG, Punjab, 49th Common

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My Road to CSS: Fatima Tariq (49th CTP)

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The writer is a CSS Officer from 49th CTP and can be reached at Instagram (@fatimatariq_csp ) or email at

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