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Essay Outline: Economic Prosperity is Directly Proportional to Literacy Rate

Essay Outline: Economic prosperity is directly proportional to literacy rate

1. Introduction

2. Why literacy matters for economic prosperity?

2.1) Developing countries like Pakistan is largely dependent on agriculture.

2.2) Need of developing mega projects owing to technological advancements and global trade. i.e: CPEC project as OBOR which will cover Eurasia.

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3. Resources to create economic prosperity and role of literacy among them

3.1) Financial, Natural and human resources are the tools to bring about economic prosperity
and role of literacy rate over them.

3.2) Literacy develops the minds of individuals by multiplying the brain neurons to think

4. How literacy rate is significant for economic prosperity:- 4.1) Role of literacy and Provincial development

4.1.1) Literacy helps workforce to ameliorate their skills that results in developing efficient
human resource management.

4.1.2) Creating sense of responsibility among individuals that assists a common man to become a good civilian.

4.1.3) Literacy makes the individuals utilize the resources in an efficient way that results in increment in production and increased production results in employment opportunities.

4.1.4) Increasing literacy rate will increase working individuals among house holds and dependence rate of house hold will decrease.

4.2) Role of literacy and National economic development

4.2.1) Literacy drives national prosperity by recruiting educated youth in mega projects. i.e; CPEC

4.2.2) Literacy provides enlightenment owing to growing technological advancements in research and development.

4.2.3) Literacy contributes to economic growth that reduces stagflation.

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5. Comparison among sufficiently and insufficiently literate countries and their impacts over economic prosperity:

5.1) Highly literate countries enjoying high economic prosperity:

5.1.1) Highly literate countries utilizing their natural resources in appropriate way:-
i) Europe, U.S, Canada, China and Japan utilizing their natural, renewable and non renewable sources in best possible way and overcoming their crisis and problems efficiently.

5.1.2) Highly literate nations show positive attitude towards Government’s laws and regulations and demonstrate a good civic sense.
i) China’s increasing population was creating problem in managing their resources but their one child policy was appreciated by masses and in 2008,
76% of this population has imposed strategy upon their lives.

5.2) How Insufficiently literate countries observe their low economic prosperity.

5.2.1) Resourcefully rich states remain poor in management, owing to low literacy rate.
i) Pakistan, Afghanistan and Congo are having enough resources to deal with their problems but due to lack of technical education, skills and expertise, they are dependent over others.
ii) Pakistan having low lit rate of 60% owing to low GDP allocation of almost 2% to education sector.

5.2.2) Inappropriate response towards government policies and lack of responsibility.
i) In Pakistan, only 1.44 million people are tax payers out of 188 million where as in 1.44 million people there are only 0.86 million are regular tax payers, whereas 0.58 million are imaginary ones.

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6. Recommendations to increase economic prosperity through literacy rate:-

6.1) Required to impose technical education at basic level to generate skilled workforce and technical brains to enhance economic prosperity.

6.2) Have to ensure educational emergency along with political, social, economic and religious knowledge to promote industry, social enlightenment and culture.

6.3) Balanced use of resources in Urban, Rural, developed and low developed areas.

6.4) Conducting educational promotions through satellite news and through patrolling teams to create awareness about advantages of education among rural areas.

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7. Conclusion

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