English Grammar MCQs

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-7)

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-7)

On the foundry, liquid hydrogen must be stored in large stainless steel tanks with double walls filled with —— and evacuated to a high vacuum. (English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) grit
B) device
C) insulation
D) instrument
E) sediment
Answer: C

That is our firm’s —— that the new law should be implemented immediately. (English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) proficiency
B) consensus
C) struggle
D) aggression
E) regulation
Answer: B

As she suffered from digestive troubles after too much eating and drinking during the holiday, the doctor insisted on a strict —— . (English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) diet
B) plot
C) dent
D) rife
E) deck
Answer: A

One should never —— in the disputes of neighbours; the best policy is to keep out of other people’s affairs. (English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) interact
B) leave
C) interfere
D) entail
E) implicate
Answer: C

The theme of that play is quite complicated, but the actual —— of the story is quite simple. (English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) summary
B) stage
C) abbreviation
D) surrounding
E) frame
Answer: E

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When Newton arrived in Cambridge in 1661, the movement now known as the scientific revolution was well advanced, and many of the works —— to modern science had appeared. (English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) basic
B) indulgent
C) intrinsic
D) brave
E) strict
Answer: A

Physically speaking, the Pacific Basin includes not only all those countries bordering on the Pacific coast, but also the Pacific island nations —— across the ocean. (English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) adopted
B) based
C) grafted
D) scattered
E) expanded
Answer: D

At the beginning of the 20th century, Albert Einstein developed the theory of relativity, —— that Newtonian mechanics could not be applied to bodies moving at speeds close to the speed of light (English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) alleviating
B) demonstrating
C) admonishing
D) regarding
E) E) expanding
Answer: B

The ambitious staff of the language learning centre have shown great —— in performing their duties. (English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) gaiety
B) efficiency
C) vitality
D) outcome
E) consistency
Answer: B

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In the operation of nuclear reactors, great care is exercised to protect personnel in the area and to —— instruments that are sensitive.
A) persist
B) creep
C) anticipate
D) eliminate
E) safeguard
Answer: E

The field of statistical thermodynamics provides a deeper understanding of such —— as temperature, vapour pressure, and diffusion.
A) resolutions
B) applications
C) reductions
D) spectacles
E) phenomena
Answer: E

Today’s social security system is —— popular, partly because it is universal and partly because retirement benefits are related to contributions, so most people feel the system is fair.
A) extremely
B) likely
C) eventually
D) indispensably
E) favorably
Answer: A

Census taking was not a widespread practice before 1800, so it is impossible to trace the history of world urbanization with any —— until the 19th century.
A) expansion
B) observance
C) rejection
D) precision
E) capacity
Answer: D

It is a book rich in ideas and beauty, a material that —— and tries to answer great fundamental questions and demands the most active reading one is capable of.
A) raises
B) attains
C) casts
D) alludes
E) accomplishes
Answer: A

By the time the —— child enters school today, he has already spent more hours learning about his world from TV than he will spend in a classroom learning a college degree.
A) parsimonious
B) average
C) transitional
D) temporary
E) vulnerable
Answer: B

Judging from her recent speeches to the public, the Prime Minister seems to be trying to —— the confidence of her people.
A) execute
B) remunerate
C) dispatch
D) regain
E) affect
Answer: D

In the 1990s and early 21st century chemical weapons became a growing —— among many nations, as a result of which an international agreement called the Chemical Weapons Convention came into force in 1997.
A) concern
B) defect
C) altitude
D) notice
E) feature
Answer: A

Many local authorities are —— opposed to the introduction of comprehensive schooling despite the disadvantage of having undereducated people.
A) bitterly
B) deliberately
C) abruptly
D) conventionally
E) sardonically
Answer: A

Because he had researched the subject so ——, he was able to answer all the questions he was asked effortlessly.
A) permanently
B) practically
C) exhaustively
D) unequivocally
E) genuinely
Answer: C

The authors tried to meet the ——, nevertheless, there were only twenty four hours remaining and they knew that it would be impossible to complete the novel.
A) deadline
B) circulation
C) illiteracy
D) entertainment
E) donation
Answer: A

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